Support champions from an ADC perspective

Christina —  May 20, 2013 — 4 Comments

Although I am an AD Carry main I do like to take up other roles. I feel like learning other roles increases my awareness and game knowledge. Since bot lane is a 50/50 lane I like to put myself in the other shoes and see how supporting works with other ADs. My overall opinion on supports:

Sona – I like to pick Sona when I have a pokey AD such as caitlyn or varus. Her Q poke is strong as well as her sustain. She has an AOE stun that synergizes well with any AD.

Lulu – Probably one of the best supports right now. She has an amazing knockup ult and 80% AOE slow/speed buff on allies.

Taric – He has a single-targeted stun that is unique in a sense that you can use it to set up kills and all-in trades. I usually play Taric with an aggressive AD such as Miss Fortune or Ezreal. The kill potential with his stun makes it easy for Junglers to gank too.

Janna – Janna is probably one of the easiest and most clutch supports because she can help an AD outtrade by putting a shield on them as well as an attack damage buff. I like having Janna as a support too because she has clutch saves with her knock up and ult.

Thresh – Thresh is either picked or banned every game because of how versatile his kit is. He has a hook that holds the enemy champion in place for a few seconds. He can knock the enemy back or forward depending which is good for all-ins and crowd control. His lantern helps escape and set up ganks, and it also gives vision in fog of war.

Supports are unique in a sense because they carry the most utility on the team and can turn a team fight around. They are very underrated because they usually set up the kills for the AD, so their impact on the game is not always as clear on the scoreboard. I like playing support because it helps me be more open minded when I’m playing AD.



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4 responses to Support champions from an ADC perspective

  1. What about soraka, do you see her ever being viable in competitive play?

  2. Nami

  3. Kayle! I rarely support, but an AP Kayle is versatile deapite game situation. And who doesn’t want to be invincible when they’re trying to escape or finish a kill?

  4. bronze 4 lyfe June 6, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Soraka doesn’t have the cc or skills to set up ganks (Lulu Blitz) or peel for ad carries (Leona Thresh Sona). Mana is nice but ultimately you can properly conserve it instead of relying on spam. Heal is nice in trades, but what if they don’t trade? And when a gank comes then theres not much you can do to stop all 3 enemies from killing your ad carry/you.

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