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Little Jenny —  May 14, 2013 — 

The first AP champion I learned after Lux, Morgana is easily one of my top 3 best.

A lot of the time, Morgana is put under heavy criticism and constant questioning of her viability in the currently meta–however, with that into consideration, pairing Morgana with a heavy AOE-cc team comp, she is one of my favorite champions. Her passive (% Spell Vamp) gives her insane sustain in lane, incredible wave clear with W and huge kill potential at 6. Because her ult is not a skill shot, flashing and ulting an entire team is always a sure-fire way to burn flashes. Repeating the process when their flashes are down next team-fight ensures an easy victory for your team.

Playing Morgana in Solo Queue, however, is a different story. I feel like Lux has made all of the other AP Champions I play feel so lackluster and difficult because of how hard she carries–but asking around, it’s definitely not just me who thinks Morgana takes a lot of practice to carry with! Because of how her kit is not innately high in damage and more of a support-AP carry, it’s hard to lock down kills or solo-carry throughout the entire game.

Sooner or later, though, she’ll be as good as my Lux!

Little Jenny —  May 2, 2013 — 

Within a week of her release, Lissandra has already been deemed in Diamond Solo Queue as a priority ban.

, and you can quickly see the utility and burst. Built to be another engage type AP mid, Lissandra’s E works as a blink ability, able to engage deep within team-fights or disengage from sticky situations. Because most of her spells are close-ranged, she is to be played more like Morgana than she is Lux. However, working with the way her Q ricochets in lane, and a Nunu-like passive, poking or farming in certain situations is not as punishing as one would think.

Easily adaptable in many situations, farming with Q and disengaging from ganks with W-E make her early levels easy to play. Once Lissandra hits six, the burst potential and CC is akin to Lux–just more up close and personal.

The most profitable use of her seems to be engaging a team-fight with a quick E > W > Q > R > Q combo. However, there is a lot of dual-play that can be used that will surely separate the good Lissandras from bad ones. Her ult works like a Zhonyas if used on herself, or a bursting stun when used on others. There’s a lot of questions that come with playing her that I’ve found to be wonderfully engaging: do I disengage with E? When do I engage with E? Should I ult myself or ult their carry? What position do I get in to ricochet my Q for maximum damage?

Definitely not a straight-forward champion, I look forward to mastering her and adding her to my collection of champions from the icy Freljord.

Little Jenny —  April 18, 2013 — 

The first mid-laner I ever learned, Lux definitely holds a place dear to my heart. By far one of my best Champions, Lux fits my playstyle best: powerful and non-confrontational long-range burst, fitting my love for fragile, no-escape champions.

To me, she has the perfect kit for a mage: an insane team shield, a snare, AOE slow, and long-ranged laser. The art of Lux is catching people out without getting caught out yourself—being squishy yet powerful, lithe and extremely mobile—making her one of the most fun champions to play.

I get a lot of questions on why I play her so much, and part of it is being able to capitalize so heavily on a simple enemy mistake: being able to kill a carry and end the game from a single misstep. I enjoy the awareness that playing a no-escape carry requires, and the adrenaline from the innate power of her kit: the feeling of hitting a perfect Q E R combo and the announcer’s An enemy has been slain immediately afterward.

TL;DR — Little Jenny likes Big Lasers

Little Jenny —  April 10, 2013 — 

Hi, my in game name is S Little Jenny and I’ve been Diamond 1 in both Seasons I’ve played (2 & 3) and one of the major issues I’ve encountered in SoloQ is lack of warding knowledge. After playing almost 2,000 ranked games, I’ve learned that great warding can lead to an easy win, so when I was approached to write a guide on something I thought was important and League-related I jumped at the chance to finally explain warding to people who haven’t spent the time to think about it as deeply as I have. Please click the rest of this blog to find out more about warding!

Today, I somehow managed to wake up three girls at seven in the morning and have them ready to go by eight.

Today, Yoonie made the terrible decision of falling asleep on the couch while she waited to take her shots. So we, being the awesome people we are, obviously jumped at the opportunity to draw sexually inappropriate things on her face.

(Just kidding, but not really. Apparently I’m not allowed to post dick pics even if they’re awesomely drawn?) Whatever, here’s a picture of Yoonie in her sleepy glory sans phallic objects (just don’t look too closely at the background)…

I wanted to come back later and take pictures of her after she had drooled a fantastic waterfall, but by the time I came back she was already awake…



Why I’m here

Little Jenny —  March 23, 2013 — Leave a comment

Sometimes people ask me what Siren means to me—why I chose to do this over college or standard jobs—and why it was so important for me to lead this team. It’s hard to explain. Maybe because it’s usually men asking the question. Men who were never shunned at a young age simply for enjoying videogames. I’ve been playing MMOs and RPGs since I could remember, and even at eight and eighteen and all the ages in between I hid it from school friends and family and those who knew me in real life. There’s a sad frustration in that—in the inability to be OK with myself because of the stigma attached to who I am.

At the core, it’s not really about videogames—it’s about how we maim ourselves and our personalities, how we shift our likes and dislikes and lie about our favorite colors to follow the status quo. It’s about how when I was young and forcibly indignant about liking pink and not sunshine yellow (which has always been my favorite). It’s about how I could never find friends with the same interests because I was too afraid to explain that I fell in love with Ultima Online at the age of three, that I learned English from Lord British and slept to the lullaby of Stones. It’s about how I was afraid to tell my fourth grade teacher Mr. Barlow that my role model was Sarah Kerrigan when she was The Queen of Blades and not actually Britney Spears in …Baby, One More Time.

My passion for Siren isn’t about my lament over girls who suck at videogames (although the lack of their competitive experience is tragic; if you’re going to do something at least do it right), but my anger at how they’re not socially accepted to play at all.