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Although I am an AD Carry main I do like to take up other roles. I feel like learning other roles increases my awareness and game knowledge. Since bot lane is a 50/50 lane I like to put myself in the other shoes and see how supporting works with other ADs. My overall opinion on supports:

Sona – I like to pick Sona when I have a pokey AD such as caitlyn or varus. Her Q poke is strong as well as her sustain. She has an AOE stun that synergizes well with any AD.

Lulu – Probably one of the best supports right now. She has an amazing knockup ult and 80% AOE slow/speed buff on allies.

Taric – He has a single-targeted stun that is unique in a sense that you can use it to set up kills and all-in trades. I usually play Taric with an aggressive AD such as Miss Fortune or Ezreal. The kill potential with his stun makes it easy for Junglers to gank too.

Janna – Janna is probably one of the easiest and most clutch supports because she can help an AD outtrade by putting a shield on them as well as an attack damage buff. I like having Janna as a support too because she has clutch saves with her knock up and ult.

Thresh – Thresh is either picked or banned every game because of how versatile his kit is. He has a hook that holds the enemy champion in place for a few seconds. He can knock the enemy back or forward depending which is good for all-ins and crowd control. His lantern helps escape and set up ganks, and it also gives vision in fog of war.

Supports are unique in a sense because they carry the most utility on the team and can turn a team fight around. They are very underrated because they usually set up the kills for the AD, so their impact on the game is not always as clear on the scoreboard. I like playing support because it helps me be more open minded when I’m playing AD.


Christina —  May 8, 2013 — 

Vayne is late/mid-game hyper carry.

Her passive grants her movement speed whenever she’s running toward any enemy champion

Q is a tumble that grants an additional AD bonus to her auto attacks
W procs a true damage % every third auto attack
E is a knockback (bonus damage and stun if they hit a wall)
R grants additional attack speed and stealth on Tumble for a short time as well as bonus movement speed on her passive

Almost every AD out-trades Vayne during early laning phase due to her weak damage early levels and short range. That said, Vayne is one of the best 1v1 AD’s because she has such high mobility as well as damage due to her true damage. Attack Speed is optimal with her. Blade of the Ruined King is probably the best item on her out of all the AD carries because of how well the active and attack speed synergizes with her kit.

Her tumble can be used to auto attack reset on minions when last hitting as well as dodging simple skillshots. Because of her Q, she can out-trade Ezreal in lane and 1v1’s. This is maxed first most of the time.

W is what makes Vayne one of the scariest late game AD carries. Her true damage % on every third auto attack is what destroys tanks and squishies.

E is a knockback that is useful for running away or pinning an enemy opponent toward the wall to stun them. Stunning an enemy champion toward a wall can take some practice but is very rewarding if you can pin them in a spot.

Her ultimate is a buff granting her more attack speed, stealth and movement speed. This makes it impossible to run away from her.

Vayne is a very punishing AD because of her short range. If you don’t use her kit accordingly, she is useless in teamfights. Positioning and kiting is key to learning Vayne. However, learning Vayne is also very rewarding because of her high damage output and potential to outplay any opponent.

Christina —  May 5, 2013 — 

These last few weeks of this April has been kind of up and down for me.

Being apart of a team means acknowledging everyone’s flaws and mistakes. Not everyone is going to be on the same level of skill but as a team we can improve together. Sometimes it’s triumphant, sometimes it’s emotional and frustrating but almost all of the time we learn from it. It’s a team effort and it’s not easy. I’ve been struggling to realize that for the past few months. Anyways, I’m glad to say that Team Siren has been stepping up lately and I can see the improvement in everyone’s gameplay. However I’m still aware that we are far from being the best we can be. Part of improving comes from learning mechanics effectively however a big part of it comes from actually being dedicated and determined. There is no in between.

By the end of April I received a lot of bad news. I had to go back to Seattle to handle family issues at home. I had a lot of mixed feelings about it because I figured I couldn’t see my teammates and be in that gaming environment but I was also excited about coming home and spending time with my family. My mom’s cooking was what I missed the most. On the way back from the airport, a wave of nostalgia came over me and I realized how much I took my home for granted. It was a happy but yet sad moment to see what I have been missing these last few months. I’m glad to be back home but I’m also looking forward to being back in the Siren house.

Christina —  April 26, 2013 — 

Miss Fortune provides high consistent damage throughout the game, unlike most ADs such as Vayne (weak early game) and Caitlyn (slightly mediocre mid game).

Early game she out trades almost any AD opponent because of her W ability.

Unlike most ADs, she has no escape spell other than summoner skill Flash. However, her passive is one of the strongest in the game. It helps you kite in team fights, get back to the lane faster, roam, etc.

To use her Q effectively, hit one of the back creeps with Double Up onto the enemy AD, who is usually within reasonable distance. Her E is not a strong slow, however it grants vision in bushes.

Her ultimate Bullet Time is what makes Miss Fortune strong in team fights. The ultimate scales well with armor shred as well as AD. Because of this, she can utilize the item Black Cleaver better than any other AD in her build. Stacking Bloodthirster is also a viable option instead of buying attack speed.

Miss Fortune is a straightforward champion that requires almost no skill to learn quickly.

Christina —  April 22, 2013 — 

The champion I feel most passionate about would have to be Caitlyn because her kit matches my playstyle very well.

Passive gives her an AD bonus (150% to heros and 250% to minions) to her auto attacks every 8 / 7 / 6 auto attacks (bushes count as 2)

Q is a long ranged burst poke that subsequently does lower each target in a line
W are traps that can snare a single targeted enemy champion (up to three traps at a time)
E is a net that slows single targeted enemy champion while knocking her back
R is a single targeted long ranged execute that can be blocked by another enemy champion teammate
Caitlyn is mostly picked because of her range. Her long range gives her lane dominance over most lane opponents because she can poke safely from a distance unlike most short ranged ADs. Because of this, she can also safely farm behind her minions.

Her Q ability grants her the ability to wave clear, poke, and you can combo it with her E which is an escape ability that slows opponents away from her resulting in a full Q burst to single enemy target.

Her W is a utility spell that can be used three at a time. Her traps are good during laning phase to be placed in bushes for bush control. They can also be used to scout the enemy team. Her traps can be used in team fights when bruisers decide to jump on you. When running away as Caitlyn, put traps in bushes to snare the enemy opponent.

Her E is an escape mechanism that is good for dodging ganks or comboing with her Q to outtrade the enemy opponent.
Her R is a long ranged execute that does burst damage to a single targeted champion. This can be a finishing blow when 1v1ing, however keep in mind that this can be blocked by another enemy teammate.

Caitlyn shines most during early game laning phase because of her long ranged poke, and her E-Q combo. Make sure you hit E before Qing because the E makes sure the Q hits, otherwise you waste a lot of mana.

Her mid game is slightly weaker because her kit isn’t designed for team fights as much as champions like Ezreal or MF. However, sieging towers is easier because of her long range.

Christina —  April 20, 2013 — 

This month has been one of the best times I’ve had in my life and I’d like to share it with all of you!

We officially had our first Siren meal together at the kitchen table. (Yoonie and Jenny made basil pesto that was absolutely delicious.)

Naomi came down to visit with her parents, and we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. The Thai curry wings were my favorite.

Later that week, Siren was flown out to San Francisco for a special event. (Sorry, can’t say much yet!) Plane rides are terrifying but I caught this great sunset view as we were taking off!

Good thing Yoonie was there with me to keep me from being scared.


I had my first hotel meal. It wasn’t that bad for some Saturday night loser steak.

Yesterday I went to my first concert. Of Monsters and Men were great, as well as the view.


Christina —  April 13, 2013 — 

Sivir is not a very popular pick in solo queue and tournament play, but she is still a strong champion.

Her passive gives her movement speed every time her auto attack procs on enemy champion
Q is a boomerang skillshot nuke that applies twice on enemy opponent.
W is a reset auto attack that deals an additional AD bonus that is subsequently lower on each bounce, with up to five bounces.
E grants a magic shield that blocks spells from enemy champions. A successful block gives her back 150 mana.
R grants her a movement speed and attack speed buff, half to team.

Sivir isn’t a common pick for a few reasons:
1. Her main source of burst, boomerang, is unreliable and is easily dodged as well as having high mana costs.
2. If her boomerang misses, she gets out-traded due to her short range.
3. Her shield can be baited by the enemy champion resulting in a waste of mana.

However, there are still good reasons to pick Sivir, especially if you have a support with strong cc such as Taric or Leona. These supports ensure that the boomerang is guaranteed to hit, dealing a lot of burst damage.

Sivir has the fastest wave clear as an AD. Her Q synergizes well with her W ability.

Her E ability is what makes Sivir, well, Sivir. Her shield is unique because it can block any kind of spell, such as Karthus’ Requiem. This is how you tell the bad Sivirs from the good Sivirs. You have to time your shield to which abilities should be blocked.

Sivir’s ultimate is more for utility. It is great for pushing towers as well as running away. Her ultimate also synergizes well with her passive when chasing (she gains movement speed every time she auto attacks an enemy champion).

Christina —  April 9, 2013 — 

Ezreal was one of my most-played champions back in Season 2 because of how versatile his kit makes him. I felt like he was built everything into one. He has a single far skillshot poke, a damaging skillshot attack speed debuff, an escape, and an AOE burst ultimate that applies his passive (hitting a target increases his attack speed, stacks up to 5 times). There are also many item options to consider when playing Ezreal such as Trinity Force, Iceborn Gauntlet, or even Blade of the Ruined King.

Something to note about Ezreal is that all four of his abilities are skillshots. If you miss his Q in a 1v1 fight with another AD, you will be out-traded. Unlike most ADs, he has no wave clear outside of his ultimate. He has one of the lowest auto-attack ranges, so champions such as Caitlyn or Kog’Maw can potentially out-poke him in lane if played correctly.

Ezreal is a strong laner because of his Q and how low his mana costs are. This skill can be used for long-range farming and poke as well as kiting. During laning phase, his Q poke can be used for free harassment on enemy champions. If you are being zoned, last hitting with Q is also effective. Since Q is a low CD/mana skill, Ezreal can use the item Iceborn Gauntlet to kite enemy champions when running away. Ezreal’s ultimate Trueshot Barrage could be used to clear minion waves, or even snipe champions/minions from afar.

I believe he is one of the most fun champions to play because of how spammable his bursty abilities are. He is also one of the least punishing ADs if caught, since his E is an instant flash. Ezreal can also be played as AP since the ratios on his ultimate and W are considerably high.

Christina —  April 4, 2013 — 

These are general tips to become not only a better AD, but a decent player overall.

I know a lot of people that claim they’re stuck in “ELO hell” but the only ELO hell is the one you create for yourself. Being good is half skill, half mentality. It might not seem like it, but when you see yourself losing a lot of matches, you are on “.” Losing six times in a row due to shitty teammates is statistically improbable unless someone on your team disconnects in every game. There may be shitters, but you are the only variable you can control in the game. Everyone in the game has a chance of winning, but you have to believe you have a better chance of winning because you’re the better player.

I was stuck at 2000 ELO until someone made me realize that I needed to stop complaining about my team and just carry the shitters. As soon as I realized that, my mentality shifted from relying on my team, to doing what I think is best for myself and focusing on my own play. The lesson is: don’t rage at your team, rage at yourself for not making plays, Flashing for that last auto execute, or not “trying hard” enough.

Actually getting better

There are two types of League of Legends players. One plays Normal games all day for fun and the other spams Ranked to get better at the game. Learning a role takes time, motivation and patience. The process of mastering a skill isn’t easy. It won’t be fun at first because you will have to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Take every loss as a learning experience, not a “loss”.

I used to be a Support-only player, peaking at 2350 ELO last season on my “Tina” account. I often duo queued and felt like I had been carried to my ELO. I wanted to see if I could acquire Diamond on my smurf playing a carry role. I chose AD.

Getting there was frustrating for me. I hated losing games when I knew I could have won. The hardest part was discipline. Discipline includes setting a goal for yourself such as reaching a precise number of CS by X number of minutes, or creating new habits of thought like knowing when to go in or disengage. There are a number of things you can do to improve your gameplay. Watching streams, reading guides, or even going into custom games to try out things are all a part of getting better.

Of course I know there are games where you cannot win no matter how well you played, but as long as you keep your mind set as positive as possible, you will progress. Good luck!

Christina —  March 26, 2013 — 

Living in the Siren house has been very interesting for me.

The first few days here have been hard for me because I was very homesick. Living in Nevada was different from Seattle. I was used to walking outside to places I knew and seeing familiar faces. Even though I lived with four other people that I care very much about, the loneliness was still present. Also, the humidity change was very uncomfortable for me. The dryness killed my skin and I wasn’t used to moisturizing every hour.

I have a nice spacious room upstairs, but the first thing I noticed was how freezing it was in there. I couldn’t sleep for weeks because even wrapped up in my blanket, there was this chilling atmosphere that never seemed to escape my presence. I think the worst part of it all was the eerie silence at night. I lived in an urban part of Seattle before I moved here, so I was not used to the lack of noise.

One night I was in a deep sleep until I woke up to a faint noise of what seemed like a baby crying in the background. I hid under my blanket for a few minutes debating what to do next. I looked through my window out of curiosity but there was nothing but pure darkness.

Throughout the next few days, I had consecutive nightmares in that room. That freaked me out so I just slept on the couch. I’m pretty sure this house is haunted.