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Ever since Riot has increased the price of Fortitude Potion from 250 gold to 350 gold starting items have changed vastly in toplane.

One toplane starter items is cloth armor and 5 potions. During ranked 5’s or a scrim if I have to start cloth armor with 5 potions I usually will make my support ward for me at 1:12. If I get the ward at 1:12 my support can get to her ad carry in time and do double golems if they are on blue side. Also another thing one can do is get cloth armor, a green ward, 2 pots and then wait for minions to spawn and wait in base for a 3rd pot. If one decides to start this way with starting items they will have less sustainability but more versatility of when to place their ward. This build is usually used when one is facing a Renekton, Riven, Lee Sin, and any other hard attack damage top laner.

Another starting item is flask. Whenever a top laner starts with a flask they will also buy 1 green ward and a health potion. This build is very good on champions that use mana quickly and also good for top laners who just want to play the farm game and just sustain. Some champions that will usually start flask would be Elise, Malphite, and Irelia.

One of the more common top lane starting items is a rejuvenation bead, 2 green wards, and 4 health potions. With this start one has high sustain during lane and also has 2 wards, so there will always be vision and hard to gank. This start can be used on most top lane champions and the rejuvenation bead does not necessarily have to be built into anything, the hp regeneration is just nice to have during laning phase even though it is slight.

The last starting items that a top laner would possibly go is boots and 3 hp potions. This build is usually very rare because it is not as much sustain and you cannot buy a ward. If one was playing with a pre-made then their team could ward for them but in solo queue you will most likely be camped top because you do not have vision of the enemy jungler. I would in my opinion probably never start boots but that is just due to my own personal play style. There have been others who have done this build and have done fine both in pre made games and in solo queue. Some champions that I have seen use this start would be Rumble and Kennen.

There are many more starting items for top laners but these are the more common ones. I have seen stuff like a dorans blade start or wards and pots start. But these new starts have appeared because of the Fortitude Potion price increase otherwise everyone would still be going Fortitude Potion, Green ward, and 2 or 3 health potions depending if they wait in base.


Yoonie —  May 9, 2013 — 

Hi everyone, lately I have been playing a lot of Kennen top. Back in season 1 and early season 2 Kennen was one of the most top played champion for either top or mid. Ever since Kennen received the auto attack range nerf, he has not been played as much anymore. Recently in Korea though Kennen has been brought up as the new flavor of the month champion.

Korea has been playing more Kennen lately because Kennen brings a lot of utility to the team and is a very good 1v2 champion. Kennen can use his ultimate in a fight and stun all the carries on the enemy team due to his high mobility and utility with the combination of his ult he can get 2 stacks of the mark of the storm and get the third to stun with his electrical surge.

The little ninja is also a good 1v2 champion because he can last hit well under tower with his skill set. Plus, when the enemy jungler tries to dive you in a 1v2 situation there is a high chance that you can stun an enemy under tower and get a kill. Also with the new AD mid meta having an AP top like Kennen assures that the enemy cannot just build armor to counter you.

Personally why I chose to play Kennen top is because someone suggested for me to play him since I enjoy playing Vladimir. I had played a lot of Kennen in season 1 and season 2, so getting to play him again was a nice feeling because I was already quite comfortable with him.

The way I build Kennen is I usually start with either a Rejuvenation Bead/wards/pots or cloth armor/pots depending on who I am facing. Then I will most likely build double Doran’s Blade unless I have to build spell vamp or rush armor. After I try to build a Zhonyas or Abyssal depending on the enemy team. After having either a Zhonya or Abyssal, I build depending on what the enemy team comp is and what my team currently needs. Also, during teamfights if I have Flash up I will usually Flash ultimate onto as many people as I can if I cannot Electrical Surge into proper position. Overall, Kennen is an extremely fun and versatile champion and brings a lot of utility to the team.


Yoonie —  April 30, 2013 — 

Hi everyone this is Yoonie. Here is a short vlog about my time here. hahahaah. ok

Yoonie —  April 25, 2013 — 

Lately, I have been playing a lot of Vladimir. He fits my playstyle pretty well. Before I joined Siren, I was a bot-lane player so I was not used to taking any form of damage. The move to top lane was a vast change for me because I had to tank and possibly die for my carries.

Now with Vladimir I can lifesteal health so I don’t get nervous that I am low HP. Also I can avoid ganks because of his pool so I feel safer when I play top lane and I get to go more aggressive without a super high risk. Because of the pool I can also avoid taking damage during teamfights and I usually build a Zhonya’s Hourglass which also helps me not take any form of damage.

Another thing I can do with his pool is easily set up ganks and tower dives because it slows the enemy on top of the pool and makes me invulnerable. Due to his skills allowing him to go invulnerable and lifesteal he is a decent 1v2 champion that I am comfortable to play with. During 1v2s, I feel less nervous that I am going to die and I have an AOE skill that helps me last hit under the tower, especially in the early levels. Also since I can go invulnerable it is very hard to get dove when I 1v2.

I feel like Vladimir has a lot of presence in team fights too, even if you are behind, because of his ultimate. Since I am still learning top, I feel like, even if I lose my lane I can still help my team and not feel totally useless, just because I can ult the enemy team.

Also, randomly, Vladimir has a very bad auto-attack which reminds me of the old Soraka, who I used to play as support back in season 1 and season 2. So far I have been really enjoying Vladimir and intend to keep on playing him and getting better at him while I expand my champion pool.

Yoonie —  April 11, 2013 — 

Irelia is one of the most solid top laners and my personal favorite. She used to be one of the most OP champions in the game but Riot has constantly been nerfing her. Irelia’s skillset includes a gap closer, true damage, stun/slow, and lifesteal.

Irelia’s Q, Bladesurge, is her gap closer. When you last hit a minion with this skill, it auto-resets while refunding 35 mana. Because of this skill Irelia is one of the best champions to last hit under turret. Which also makes her a decent 2v1 champion.

Bladesurge also makes Irelia very mobile and gives her the ability to outplay a lot of champions/players. Something a lot of Irelia players do is turn on their Hiten (W), Q to a low minion at the back of a wave when the enemy toplaner is near it, E the enemy toplaner and auto a few times, and when he runs away you Q to him because your Q has been reset from last hitting a low minion.

Next in her skills is her Hiten Style (W). When Hiten Style is activated, Irelia’s auto attacks become true damage and have some life steal. Due to this skill Irelia works very well with attack-speed items and does not need any major damage item. Personally I like to max her W first.

Irelia has a stun/slow, depending on how much percent HP the champion she is trying to use Equilibrium Strike (E) on. If the enemy champion has lower percent HP than Irelia, the champion will be slowed, but if they have a higher percent hp than they will get stunned. E is Irelia’s “burst” damage. Some people prefer to max E over W first because of the small burst her E can do.

Lastly Irelia’s ultimate is her Transcendent Blades. Her ultimate releases 4 blades wherever your mouse cursor is at and each blade gives hp back to Irelia through lifesteal. Irelia’s ultimate has a low cd so using it to clear minion waves is very common. Also, the damage on her ultimate has been nerfed countless times, but in the early stages of the game it does a decent amount of damage.

Overall, Irelia is currently a tier 2 toplaner but still a solid one. She is easy to learn but hard to master. Her kit makes it so you can try out many different builds while outplaying your opponent.


Yoonie —  April 8, 2013 — 

SOLO QUEUE GODS WHY YOU HATE ME SO MUCH. WHY. WHY. WHY. seriously why. like yo why.

OK I’m done with the whys. Anyways this week has been the worst week I’ve had for solo queue. I have gotten my qualification like next rank match things about 3 times now and ever since my last one I have been on a massive losing streak. I know that I don’t play perfectly nor am I some God, but lately why ELO gods are you giving me the trolls. Literally I’ve had one troll every 3 games.

My latest one was a support Ashe who was butthurt that they did not get jungle so they ran down mid to feed kills, never bought wards, and took the cs of our Tristana…she ended the game 0-12. Please ELO gods I’m trying but it’s hard to put in pressure top lane…I try but my top isn’t good enough yet to do that. I’m no Voyboy yo…but at least I don’t feed horribly or die more than once in general.

I’m trying my best to keep my morale up, but it’s demoralizing losing so many games in a row. It’s like the ELO gods know that I’m having a good day and they talk to each other going “hey ELO god this doe yoonie, yeah she be having a good day doe and we need to stop that yo.” Please ELO gods I pray let me stop this losing streak. Kay rant done.

Yoonie —  April 3, 2013 — 

On Saturday of March 30th, I had to do a video/photoshoot thing at a gun range. I have never shot a real gun before nor was I ever planning to. Unless you count water guns as real guns .

When I first got to the range I had to sign a release form and learn all the rules about gun safety. After watching the instructor, I tried holding the gun, some type of Glock, and to my surprise it was extremely heavy…for me at least. After trying to hold the gun I walked into the actual shooting range with Caity and the video/photo crew and they made me position in certain ways like holding the gun out about to shoot for pictures.

At one point, they asked me to reload the gun and the first bullet was pretty easy to load, but then that’s when the rest became a pain. By the 4th bullet I had a super hard time loading it because it was too hard to push the bullets in. GG frail body GG. Finally it’s time for me to shoot the gun so the crew could get footage and oh man probably something I wouldn’t choose to do again.

When I held the gun up to shoot at the paper target my hands got sweaty because of the nervousness racing through my body. I pulled the trigger and felt the bullet shoot out of the gun and the power of the ricochet making my body pull back. The amount of ricochet was very unexpected and it made me freak out. I literally placed the gun down on the table extremely fast and ran and hugged my side wall. GG no more gun shooting for Yoonie.