Although I am an AD Carry main I do like to take up other roles. I feel like learning other roles increases my awareness and game knowledge. Since bot lane is a 50/50 lane I like to put myself in the other shoes and see how supporting works with other ADs. My overall opinion on supports:

Sona – I like to pick Sona when I have a pokey AD such as caitlyn or varus. Her Q poke is strong as well as her sustain. She has an AOE stun that synergizes well with any AD.

Lulu – Probably one of the best supports right now. She has an amazing knockup ult and 80% AOE slow/speed buff on allies.

Taric – He has a single-targeted stun that is unique in a sense that you can use it to set up kills and all-in trades. I usually play Taric with an aggressive AD such as Miss Fortune or Ezreal. The kill potential with his stun makes it easy for Junglers to gank too.

Janna – Janna is probably one of the easiest and most clutch supports because she can help an AD outtrade by putting a shield on them as well as an attack damage buff. I like having Janna as a support too because she has clutch saves with her knock up and ult.

Thresh – Thresh is either picked or banned every game because of how versatile his kit is. He has a hook that holds the enemy champion in place for a few seconds. He can knock the enemy back or forward depending which is good for all-ins and crowd control. His lantern helps escape and set up ganks, and it also gives vision in fog of war.

Supports are unique in a sense because they carry the most utility on the team and can turn a team fight around. They are very underrated because they usually set up the kills for the AD, so their impact on the game is not always as clear on the scoreboard. I like playing support because it helps me be more open minded when I’m playing AD.


I am a Siren. What does this mean? I have decided to take on a task greater than myself. I have decided to stand up for women in competitive gaming. I am not worthy of this opportunity, but I am sure as hell grateful. My greatest struggle, however, is myself. We are expected to fail and some days it seems we might. There is so much nonsense and negativity surrounding us from both outside sources and ourselves, it seems like there is no light at the end of this tunnel. I then ask myself, how do I be the best I can be? How do I get up early everyday and play over 9 hours a day while streaming? How do I become the best? Where do I find this motivation? I have to rely solely on myself because at the end of the day, that is my constant, the only controlled variable I have. I love my viewers because they support me everyday. I love my team because they push me to try harder and become better. I love my boyfriend because he believes in me. However, when the stress takes its toll on the ones around me, I am all I have left. That is extremely difficult, because I am the craziest most unstable person I know. This team means so much to me and I have given my life to pursue this dream that the thought of failing is haunting. I guess all I can do now is try.

Anyhow, this is just my current state of mind.



Ever since Riot has increased the price of Fortitude Potion from 250 gold to 350 gold starting items have changed vastly in toplane.

One toplane starter items is cloth armor and 5 potions. During ranked 5’s or a scrim if I have to start cloth armor with 5 potions I usually will make my support ward for me at 1:12. If I get the ward at 1:12 my support can get to her ad carry in time and do double golems if they are on blue side. Also another thing one can do is get cloth armor, a green ward, 2 pots and then wait for minions to spawn and wait in base for a 3rd pot. If one decides to start this way with starting items they will have less sustainability but more versatility of when to place their ward. This build is usually used when one is facing a Renekton, Riven, Lee Sin, and any other hard attack damage top laner.

Another starting item is flask. Whenever a top laner starts with a flask they will also buy 1 green ward and a health potion. This build is very good on champions that use mana quickly and also good for top laners who just want to play the farm game and just sustain. Some champions that will usually start flask would be Elise, Malphite, and Irelia.

One of the more common top lane starting items is a rejuvenation bead, 2 green wards, and 4 health potions. With this start one has high sustain during lane and also has 2 wards, so there will always be vision and hard to gank. This start can be used on most top lane champions and the rejuvenation bead does not necessarily have to be built into anything, the hp regeneration is just nice to have during laning phase even though it is slight.

The last starting items that a top laner would possibly go is boots and 3 hp potions. This build is usually very rare because it is not as much sustain and you cannot buy a ward. If one was playing with a pre-made then their team could ward for them but in solo queue you will most likely be camped top because you do not have vision of the enemy jungler. I would in my opinion probably never start boots but that is just due to my own personal play style. There have been others who have done this build and have done fine both in pre made games and in solo queue. Some champions that I have seen use this start would be Rumble and Kennen.

There are many more starting items for top laners but these are the more common ones. I have seen stuff like a dorans blade start or wards and pots start. But these new starts have appeared because of the Fortitude Potion price increase otherwise everyone would still be going Fortitude Potion, Green ward, and 2 or 3 health potions depending if they wait in base.


Little Jenny —  May 14, 2013 — 

The first AP champion I learned after Lux, Morgana is easily one of my top 3 best.

A lot of the time, Morgana is put under heavy criticism and constant questioning of her viability in the currently meta–however, with that into consideration, pairing Morgana with a heavy AOE-cc team comp, she is one of my favorite champions. Her passive (% Spell Vamp) gives her insane sustain in lane, incredible wave clear with W and huge kill potential at 6. Because her ult is not a skill shot, flashing and ulting an entire team is always a sure-fire way to burn flashes. Repeating the process when their flashes are down next team-fight ensures an easy victory for your team.

Playing Morgana in Solo Queue, however, is a different story. I feel like Lux has made all of the other AP Champions I play feel so lackluster and difficult because of how hard she carries–but asking around, it’s definitely not just me who thinks Morgana takes a lot of practice to carry with! Because of how her kit is not innately high in damage and more of a support-AP carry, it’s hard to lock down kills or solo-carry throughout the entire game.

Sooner or later, though, she’ll be as good as my Lux!

Yoonie —  May 9, 2013 — 

Hi everyone, lately I have been playing a lot of Kennen top. Back in season 1 and early season 2 Kennen was one of the most top played champion for either top or mid. Ever since Kennen received the auto attack range nerf, he has not been played as much anymore. Recently in Korea though Kennen has been brought up as the new flavor of the month champion.

Korea has been playing more Kennen lately because Kennen brings a lot of utility to the team and is a very good 1v2 champion. Kennen can use his ultimate in a fight and stun all the carries on the enemy team due to his high mobility and utility with the combination of his ult he can get 2 stacks of the mark of the storm and get the third to stun with his electrical surge.

The little ninja is also a good 1v2 champion because he can last hit well under tower with his skill set. Plus, when the enemy jungler tries to dive you in a 1v2 situation there is a high chance that you can stun an enemy under tower and get a kill. Also with the new AD mid meta having an AP top like Kennen assures that the enemy cannot just build armor to counter you.

Personally why I chose to play Kennen top is because someone suggested for me to play him since I enjoy playing Vladimir. I had played a lot of Kennen in season 1 and season 2, so getting to play him again was a nice feeling because I was already quite comfortable with him.

The way I build Kennen is I usually start with either a Rejuvenation Bead/wards/pots or cloth armor/pots depending on who I am facing. Then I will most likely build double Doran’s Blade unless I have to build spell vamp or rush armor. After I try to build a Zhonyas or Abyssal depending on the enemy team. After having either a Zhonya or Abyssal, I build depending on what the enemy team comp is and what my team currently needs. Also, during teamfights if I have Flash up I will usually Flash ultimate onto as many people as I can if I cannot Electrical Surge into proper position. Overall, Kennen is an extremely fun and versatile champion and brings a lot of utility to the team.


Christina —  May 8, 2013 — 

Vayne is late/mid-game hyper carry.

Her passive grants her movement speed whenever she’s running toward any enemy champion

Q is a tumble that grants an additional AD bonus to her auto attacks
W procs a true damage % every third auto attack
E is a knockback (bonus damage and stun if they hit a wall)
R grants additional attack speed and stealth on Tumble for a short time as well as bonus movement speed on her passive

Almost every AD out-trades Vayne during early laning phase due to her weak damage early levels and short range. That said, Vayne is one of the best 1v1 AD’s because she has such high mobility as well as damage due to her true damage. Attack Speed is optimal with her. Blade of the Ruined King is probably the best item on her out of all the AD carries because of how well the active and attack speed synergizes with her kit.

Her tumble can be used to auto attack reset on minions when last hitting as well as dodging simple skillshots. Because of her Q, she can out-trade Ezreal in lane and 1v1’s. This is maxed first most of the time.

W is what makes Vayne one of the scariest late game AD carries. Her true damage % on every third auto attack is what destroys tanks and squishies.

E is a knockback that is useful for running away or pinning an enemy opponent toward the wall to stun them. Stunning an enemy champion toward a wall can take some practice but is very rewarding if you can pin them in a spot.

Her ultimate is a buff granting her more attack speed, stealth and movement speed. This makes it impossible to run away from her.

Vayne is a very punishing AD because of her short range. If you don’t use her kit accordingly, she is useless in teamfights. Positioning and kiting is key to learning Vayne. However, learning Vayne is also very rewarding because of her high damage output and potential to outplay any opponent.

Christina —  May 5, 2013 — 

These last few weeks of this April has been kind of up and down for me.

Being apart of a team means acknowledging everyone’s flaws and mistakes. Not everyone is going to be on the same level of skill but as a team we can improve together. Sometimes it’s triumphant, sometimes it’s emotional and frustrating but almost all of the time we learn from it. It’s a team effort and it’s not easy. I’ve been struggling to realize that for the past few months. Anyways, I’m glad to say that Team Siren has been stepping up lately and I can see the improvement in everyone’s gameplay. However I’m still aware that we are far from being the best we can be. Part of improving comes from learning mechanics effectively however a big part of it comes from actually being dedicated and determined. There is no in between.

By the end of April I received a lot of bad news. I had to go back to Seattle to handle family issues at home. I had a lot of mixed feelings about it because I figured I couldn’t see my teammates and be in that gaming environment but I was also excited about coming home and spending time with my family. My mom’s cooking was what I missed the most. On the way back from the airport, a wave of nostalgia came over me and I realized how much I took my home for granted. It was a happy but yet sad moment to see what I have been missing these last few months. I’m glad to be back home but I’m also looking forward to being back in the Siren house.

ilysuiteheart —  May 3, 2013 — 

I think a lot of players especially those newer to the game do not fully understand the game. I always see players who claim to be stuck in “ELO Hell” because they go 20-0 every game and just lose because their team sucks. Of course, I can not completely deny this is a possibility, we all have those games where it seems nearly impossible to win no matter how well you do. However, realistically, if you actually understand how to win the game and you are playing well, then you will win more of your games thus gain ELO.

So let’s say you really are not exaggerating and you get extremely fed every game. This means you are doing something wrong. Higher ELO means higher thinking. Kills are nice, but they are not how you win the game, just a means of getting ahead.

Here is a good example, When I was a fresh level 30, I made a team with some of my friends. We knew a team full of players around 2k (as it was called at the time) so we decided to scrim them for fun. Without telling us, they decided they were going to win without killing any of us once. By the end of the game, we had 30 kills and they had 0. We lost the game.


We did not understand the game and the importance of objectives and towers. In the end, all that matters is whose nexus explodes. It is great that you collected 20 kills but that probably meant that you were roaming and let your lane push and lost dragons. Towers give global gold so you may have the most gold in the game, but the other team has more gold as a team. Also, since you probably took all the kills, the rest of your teammates are poor without the advantage of any global gold. This is probably why it seems that you are the best, but really you have just starved your team and given the enemy team an advantage. All they have to do at this point is focus you and they can win teamfights. Game Over.

I am not saying getting fed is a bad thing, it is amazing as long as you use your advantage to push down towers, deny your enemy resources (gold or xp), and secure objectives(buffs, dragon, baron).

Hopefully, this will give those struggling a new perspective on the game.


ilysuiteheart —  May 2, 2013 — 

Shaylee ended up developing an ear infection soon after I arrived here and I ended up having to take her to the vet. Of course, the vet bill was 200 dollars! Anyhow, Shaylee spent the next few days being mad at me because I had to administer ear medication twice a day. The ear medication didn’t hurt, shaylee is just a diva and super sensitive. Since I would always say DUNDUN when I went to grab the ear medication, she developed negative association to it even though she always got tons of positive attention and a huge treat at the same time. This is just a cute video of shaylee being ridiculous.