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Christina —  May 5, 2013 — 

These last few weeks of this April has been kind of up and down for me.

Being apart of a team means acknowledging everyone’s flaws and mistakes. Not everyone is going to be on the same level of skill but as a team we can improve together. Sometimes it’s triumphant, sometimes it’s emotional and frustrating but almost all of the time we learn from it. It’s a team effort and it’s not easy. I’ve been struggling to realize that for the past few months. Anyways, I’m glad to say that Team Siren has been stepping up lately and I can see the improvement in everyone’s gameplay. However I’m still aware that we are far from being the best we can be. Part of improving comes from learning mechanics effectively however a big part of it comes from actually being dedicated and determined. There is no in between.

By the end of April I received a lot of bad news. I had to go back to Seattle to handle family issues at home. I had a lot of mixed feelings about it because I figured I couldn’t see my teammates and be in that gaming environment but I was also excited about coming home and spending time with my family. My mom’s cooking was what I missed the most. On the way back from the airport, a wave of nostalgia came over me and I realized how much I took my home for granted. It was a happy but yet sad moment to see what I have been missing these last few months. I’m glad to be back home but I’m also looking forward to being back in the Siren house.